Talmud Studies to be Offered to Girls in Israeli Religious Middle Schools

June 5, 2013

Source: YNET


According to instructions issued by Education Minister Shai Piron, from now on, if half of the parents in state-religious educational middle and high schools request that their daughters study Talmud, they should be allowed to do so. This is the first time that the Education Ministry sets criteria for Talmud studies for girls in state-religious school.


Currently, in all state-religious educational institutions, girls study Mishna (part of the Talmud consisting of a collection of oral religious laws of Judaism) and boys study Talmud, starting in the fifth grade. Even in mixed classrooms, the Talmud and Mishna studies are separate.


The Talmud is one of the most important books in Judaism and is considered the foundation of Judaism, and in many senses – the most important halachic book. Following the appeal of Ne'emanei Torah Va'Avodah religious-Zionist movement, via Attorney Dr. Aviad Hacohen, the Education Ministry decided to change the current situation and allow girls to study Talmud too in junior high schools.


Attorney Hacohen reached an agreement with the Ministry that in any school in which at least half of the parents want their daughters to study Talmud, they will be given the option to do so.

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Updated: Jun. 17, 2013