Yeshiva University Is Now Accepting Applications and Nominations For Cohort IV of the Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education


Source: YU Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education 


Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) has announced that it is now accepting applications and nominations for Cohort IV of its Certificate Program in Experiential Jewish Education. The Certificate Program provides outstanding in-service practitioners with tools, knowledge and skills designed to infuse their practice with deliberation and intentionality by introducing theories and models that capture the essence of experiential Jewish education and its impact on the formation of Jewish identity.


For the 2014-15 cycle, the program offers unique opportunities for institutional partnerships. These include matching incentives to cover tuition costs, individual guidance for workplace integration, and field-building opportunities.


For Cohort IV, the Certificate Program seeks reflective, creative and motivated in-service educators, with a minimum of three years of field experience.


The program includes three five-day seminars in June and October 2014, and January 2015 as well as online studies. The seminars will take place in New York City and other northeast locations.


Preference will be given to nominated applicants. Institutions are encouraged to nominate their top educators and to contact us to learn about partnership opportunities.


The deadline for application is February 17, 2014.

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Updated: Jan. 29, 2014