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Jun. 01, 2014

Source: All Jewish Digital 


The All Jewish Digital (formerly Jewish iPhone Community) website was founded in early 2010 with the goal of making it easy to find Jewish mobile applications. To date it is the only English-language website of this kind. The All Jewish Digital was established to create a virtual community of those that use mobile devices with any kind of Jewish applications. Jews of all affiliations – religious or secular, Orthodox or Reform, Chassid or Litvak – who are looking for a friendly e-community built around traditional Jewish values will find something here.


On All Jewish Digital website you will find new Jewish apps added daily in categories such as Art, Audio, Chassidut, Food, Games, Hebrew, Holidays, Kabbalah, Library (Jewish themed iBooks), Midrash, Made in Israel, Organizations, Prayers, Talmud, Travel and Yiddish … to mention just a few.


In addition to listing and reviewing new apps we also promote other areas of Jewish technology used in education and social networking. On our website you can read about Israeli start-ups, Israeli films and trailers of films containing Jewish elements. We also scan iTunes for Jewish music and interesting podcasts. In short, All Jewish Digital is the best place for anything Jewish related that you can listen to, download, watch or read on your mobile device.


There are are more than 1 million apps in Apple’s App Store, 700,000 for Android, more than 100,000 for Windows Phone and thousands of applications for the BlackBerry scattered across the web.


Let us do the legwork to help you find the specific information and apps you want for your device, quickly and easily.

Updated: Mar. 12, 2014