Twentieth Annual Teva Seminar on Jewish Environmental Education

Jun 9, 2014 - Jun 13, 2014

Source: Teva Seminar 


The Teva Seminar is the premier annual professional development opportunity in the field of JOFEE: Jewish Outdoor, Food, and Environmental Education. Now in its 20th year, this multi-day, hands-on training program is designed for educators, camp counselors, community leaders, and anyone who is seeking training in the emerging JOFEE field. Participation in the Teva Seminar will enhance the work of your community. Each workshop is accessible to people with all levels of experience in gardening, wilderness skills, culinary arts, and/or experiential Jewish education. The Seminar takes place over five days at the Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in Falls Village, CT. on June 9 – 13, 2014.

The Seminar Program includes:

  • Workshops and panels with top farmers, rabbis, activists, and Jewish outdoor, food, and environmental educators
  • Learning to be a Jewish naturalist through hikes in the woods, spiritual teachings and eco-Torah activities
  • Garden and farm educator training with Jewish Farm School on the Adamah organic farm at Isabella Freedman including:

          Permaculture, organic farming, and the Shmita year 

          Edible forest orchard with fruit trees, grape vines, and berries 

          Raising goats and chickens on a small patch of land 

          Preserving cultural traditions: hands-on cheesemaking and pickling

  • Keynote sessions on the impact of Jewish outdoor, food, and environmental education, and how to grow together over the next five to ten years
  • Take-home resources and curricula to infuse JOFEE into your camp, school, synagogue, or community center
  • A presentation on models for funding your JOFEE projects locally, including successful examples like the Jewish Greening Fellowship, Shoresh Environmental Programs and Ganei Beantown
  • A series of sessions on the background, practices, and spiritual significance of the Shmita tradition, as well as its rich potential to transform our lives
  • Hands-on cooking demos with Adamah Foods chefs

See the Teva Seminar web pages for more information and registration.

Updated: May. 26, 2014