Big Ideas for Jewish Learning: A Mini-Curriculum


Source: Behrman House


Behrman House Curriculum writers Lesley Litman and Ellen Rank have identified three Big Ideas that encompass the key values and purpose of part-time Jewish education programs. They have written a concise mini-curriculum called The Big Ideas Guide which is crafted into three essential areas: deep connection to our sacred texts, belonging to a spiritual community of practice, and living our values.


This downloadable resource helps you think through the enduring understandings you want learners in your environment to grapple with as they make meaning of their own relationships with Judaism.


Essential questions for each age group (young learners, elementary grade learners, and middle school learners) help you consider the inquiry you want students to undertake, while examples of learning evidence help you craft meaningful experiences and projects that speak directly to that inquiry and help you assess understanding.


We think you will find it useful. Download the new curriculum here.

Updated: May. 26, 2014