A Management Practicum Programme in Teacher Education: From Teacher to Teacher-Leader


Source: International Journal of Learning and Development, 2014 Vol. 4 No. 3


This study aims to characterise the unique elements of a Management Practicum Programme in teacher education and to explore how the programme enables pre-service teachers to study the school as an educational organisation as part of their development as teacher-leaders. The study was conducted in a qualitative approach. The participants were 17 pre-service teachers learning for a B.Ed. in the Department of Education Systems Management at an academic college of education in Israel. A qualitative-interpretive content analysis of 34 reflective diaries, syllabus of the Department of Education System Management and a syllabus of Management Practicum Programme was performed.


The results illustrate unique elements of the programme which allowed the pre-service teachers to study school as a dynamic and complex educational organisation. No longer class-teachers but teacher-leaders who perceive their role, their class and school in a systemic approach, leading towards pedagogical growth and preparing their pupils as value-oriented and educated graduates.

Updated: Jul. 31, 2014