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JTeach.org, an online Jewish teacher resource center, was launched in 2013 by the Chicago Board of Jewish Education/Marshall Jewish Learning Center (MJLC) to help teachers across the nation gain digital access to our high quality, innovative resources and projects. The Marshall Jewish Learning Center, located in Northbrook, Illinois, provides those who engage in the transmission of Jewish culture and content to the next generation, the educational scaffolding necessary to be successful in their sacred work.


The Learning Center offers educational leaders, principals, teachers, camp staff, youth directors, parents leading programs, and teens content-rich teaching materials that are innovative and easily accessible. We challenge teachers to think expansively about how they work with their students and help them acquire new skills to support their efforts.


A hallmark of the MJLC is its commitment to providing expert, personalized attention and mentoring to any teacher who enters our building or visits our website. We assist veteran teachers needing a fresh approach to teaching their subject matter, first year teachers looking for models of best practices, and everyone in-between!


JTeach.com also hosts a Professional Learning Community (PLC) on Edmodo, a secure social media platform designed specifically for educators.

JTeach.com's PLC connects Jewish educators across the country so that they can…

  • Collaborate on Jewish educational topics across distances using the web or via a mobile device

  • Share successes and challenges — posing questions to each other, helping each other solve issues in the classroom, and celebrating what works

  • Access resources and links related to Jewish education

  • Stay up-to-date on trends in Jewish education
Updated: Dec. 17, 2014