The Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education Program at Levinsky College of Education


Source: Levinsky College of Education

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education Program offered in English by the International School at Levinsky College of Education in Tel-Aviv is intended for students, leading educators, and academics who are keen to devote an entire semester to studying: advanced pedagogy, educational entrepreneurship, and digital technology in the service of education. The semester-length program combines high-quality academic studies, professional encounters with leading entrepreneurs and educators, interesting experiences in the city of Tel Aviv, tours of Israel, study trips, and cultural evenings.


Program goals

  • The paramount goal of the program is the acquisition of tools for developing an educational initiative that centers on a world-view of educational innovation in an educational institution and in the education system.

  • Preparing and encouraging educators to engage in constant innovative thinking processes and to support initiatives in the education system in which they are partners;

  • Increasing sensitivity to and social-environmental awareness of innovation in education;

  • Developing critical thinking ability and independent learning as leaders of innovation in education;

  • Educating for excellence in the various knowledge areas, and encouraging the maximization of the individual's potential;

  • Educating for cultural openness, and becoming acquainted with the variety of cultures and identities in global society

Studies start Spring 2016 Semester (March 6th to May 31st).

Academic program: 10 weeks, 3 days a week in Tel-Aviv Campus

Includes: 80-Hour Hebrew ulpan, field study and tours throughout Israel.

For more information and registration see the course page.

Updated: Jun. 17, 2015