The Center for Online Judaic Studies – COJS


Source: The Center for Online Judaic Studies


A relatively young organization, The Center for Online Judaic Studies, is committed to making accessible the riches of the Jewish past through the new technologies of digital photography, digital audio recording and the internet. The remarkable riches of the Jewish past are made available to a wide variety of web users in four modes:

• Treasures of the Jewish Past presents broadly the data of Jewish history - from all time periods and all sectors of the globe - directly to the user for perusal and contemplation in rich newly created topical websites

• Jewish History 101: Surveys of the Jewish Past - created by outstanding Judaic Studies scholars - organizes the data of the Jewish past in manageable segments, in order to guide users through Jewish experience in diverse time periods and places.

• Teaching Jewish Past - created by Judaic Studies scholars and experienced educators - provides detailed guidance to teachers and students for engaging and analyzing specific sources from the Jewish past and present.


• Websites of Interest - offers links to other outstanding web-based resources related to Jewish history that have been produced outside COJS.
The COJS website is constantly being enriched with new rich materials produced by its staff.

Updated: Apr. 16, 2008