For the First Time, Aristotle and Plato to be Taught in Israel Elementary Schools

July 6, 2015

Source: Israel Hayom


The Israel Education Ministry has proposed a new program to introduce the fundamentals of philosophy to children in elementary school, starting from the third grade. Under the new curriculum, students will be taught the works of the prominent philosophers, develop critical thinking and learn how to ask meaningful questions and answer them in a serious manner. If incorporated, this new program would signify the first time that elementary school-aged students are offered these subjects. It would be elective, and at first, only schools interested in offering the program would join the initiative.


The new curriculum is designed for third- to sixth-graders. The subject matter will include texts, philosophical thinking, literature, poetry, journalism and more. The lessons will be interactive, with students encouraged to express their opinions on questions that arise in class and come up with defensible answers.


The aim of the program is to develop critical thinking and logic skills as well as cultivating such characteristics as listening, caring, respect and appreciation for ideas.


The Education Ministry will begin training teachers over the summer on the subject so that the new program can begin at the start of the coming school year.


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Updated: Jul. 16, 2015