Call for Papers: Social Scientific Study of Jews and Education


Source: Stanford University 


Contemporary Jewry is proud to announce a Call for Papers for a special issue focusing on education. Guest edited by Professor Ari Y Kelman (Stanford University), the special issue will feature articles and studies that take a social scientific approach to scholarship at the intersection of Jewish Studies and Education. As the only academic journal dedicated to publishing social scientific research about Jews, Contemporary Jewry invites proposals that engage with educational phenomena within broader social, cultural, religious, or political contexts.


With this special issue, the Journal intends to publish work that is methodologically rigorous, conceptually fertile and that takes a broad approach to educational phenomena. Therefore, we welcome innovative scholarship on typically recognizable educational arenas including schools, heritage tourism, summer camps, youth groups, and so on. We also invite proposals that focus on less structured educational frameworks like museums, concerts, festivals, or other loci in which people learn to be Jewish.


Contemporary Jewry serves as the single source for the social scientific consideration of world Jewry, its institutions, trends, character, and concerns. In its pages can be found work by leading scholars and important new researchers from North America, Europe, Australasia and Israel. While much relevant scholarship about Jewry is published in general social science journals, as well as more narrowly focused periodicals, no single scholarly journal focuses primarily on the social scientific study of Jewry.


See the Contemporary Jewry CRP page for more information.

Updated: Jul. 16, 2015