Israeli School Builds Cool Classroom for ADHD Teens

October 12, 2015

Source: Israel21c


Imagine the perfect classroom for kids with attention and learning disorders: bouncy chairs made from yoga balls, distraction-free décor, walled-off study/tutoring cubicles, desks on wheels and a touch of the outdoors. Only there’s no need to imagine it. The unique “Yes I Can!” classroom at Darca High School in Kiryat Malachi opened this school year. And if it proves to be a good working model, the Darca network will implement this totally Israeli innovation in its other 24 high schools serving the socio-economic periphery of Israel.


The students already report that it is much easier for them to study and concentrate in the new classroom, thanks to the clean design – no notice boards, posters, accessories, decorations etc., as in a regular classroom. This helps to create a calm atmosphere and minimize distractions. The three enclosed workstations for individual study also help in isolating students from the noise made by their classmates, as well as from visual interferences.


Architect Lior Ben-Sheetrit, 32, chose the design details and furnishings for the 60-square-meter room after extensively observing the 55 students and talking with them and their teachers about the difficulties they experience in a standard setting.


“For example, the students explained that it is very hard for them to sit on regular chairs and concentrate, while the teachers said that the students keep moving and shifting during classes,” says Hazan. “Thus, the chairs made of yoga balls within a frame were designed to channel the students’ energy and give it an outlet.”


The Darca network was established five years ago by the Rashi Foundation and KIAH with the support of the Education Ministry, joined in 2014 by the US-based Youth Renewal Fund


“As a network, Darca joined forces in this project with Kol Yisrael Haverim and Harel Insurance Company to experiment with different ways of dealing with challenges teachers face,” says Darca CEO Gil Pereg. The 700-student junior-senior high school in Kiryat Malachi became part of the network two years ago.

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Updated: Oct. 21, 2015