JCCenters.org - Jewish Community Center Resource Center


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JCCenters.org is a web-based resource center in 4 languages: English, French, Russian and Spanish, addressed to professionals in charge of Jewish Community Centers around the world. Its goal is to present a wide range of regularly updated content from diverse sources that can be read, used and implemented in equally diverse contexts.

JCCenters.org promotes the exchange of materials, best practices and forums of expression to discuss relevant issues, share experiences and network with Jewish communities around the world.


The site contains a wide range of materials dealing with the physical structure of the community center, its vision, programming ideas for all segments of the community, management techniques, and communication skills.


Interviews with experienced JCC administrators from around the world are featured as a rich source of peer-to-peer experiences.

The site also enables consultation with experts in the field of Jewish Community centers or on specific themes of interest.

Updated: May. 06, 2008