Study the 48 Middot




In Pirke Avot 6:6, we read: "The Torah is greater than the priesthood and than royalty, seeing that royalty is acquired through 30 virtues, the priesthood twenty-four, while the Torah is acquired through 48 virtues." These 48 Jewish virtues or values (in Hebrew middot, the plural form of middah) serve as the basis for the study of a variety of Jewish texts. Perfect for students of all ages, middot can be studied individually, with a study partner, and by families. Whether engaging your family at the Shabbat dinner table or taking some time to study on a Shabbat afternoon, make middot part of your Jewish learning with these helpful study guides

Among the study guides available on the site:

• A Listening Ear - Middah Sh'miat Haozen

• Loving All Creatures - Middah Ohev et HaBriyot

• Loving Righteous Ways - Middah Ohev Et HaTzadakot

• Modesty - Middah Anava

• Absorb Knowledge and Add To It - Middah Shomaya U'mosif

• Acceptance of Suffering - Middah Kabbalat HaYisurin

• Quoting One's Sources - Middah Omer Davar BeShem Omro

• Cleaving to Friends - Middah Dibuk Chaverim

• Sharpening the Wisdom of One's Teacher - Middah Machkim et Rabo

• Slowness to Anger - Middah Erech Apayim

• Guarding One's Speech - Middah Seyag LiD'varav

• Good Heart - Middah Lev Tov

• To Share the Burden with One's Friend - Middah Nosay B'ol Im Chavayro

Updated: Mar. 02, 2016