Purim Resources by The Lookstein Center and Ner LeElef


Source: Lookstein Center


This Purim resource page includes almost everything you need to know about Purim: background information for the teacher, vocabulary, educational themes, activities, lesson plans, plays, and articles.

The materials on the page are in the following categories:

  • Background Information: The Story of Purim
  • Vocabulary
  • Educational Themes
  • Educational Activities
  • Lesson Plans
  • Articles
  • Plays, Skits and Spiels
  • Related Materials

NLE Resources is the newest project of Ner LeElef, a Jerusalem-based foundation dedicated to helping Jews and communities grow around the globe. They have made available a wide range of articles, audio, video, programming ideas and class outlines on Purim!

Among their resources:

  • An Example of Jewish Project Based Learning: Megillat Esther
  • Introducing: Megillah Mania!
  • Happiness
  • Drinking on Purim
  • And Much More
Updated: Mar. 06, 2016