NewCAJE Tishrei Resource Book

Aug. 04, 2016

Source: NewCAJE 


At NewCAJE 7 in Naperville, Illinois, two workshop blocks were devoted to the teaching of the Tishrei holidays with more of an emphasis on Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur than on Sukkot. The calendar often gives educators an opportunity to teach Sukkot during the holiday, if not before it, but the High Holidays often are not taught or taught sparsely, and usually not systematically.

This year, we are most fortunate that the High Holidays come much later in the fall — beginning as they do at the very beginning of October. NewCAJE wants to make available to you all of the workshops from the two workshop blocks and their content. The presenters were asked to write up their workshops so that someone who did not attend their session also could benefit from them. They were asked to include full stories, links to music, etc., so that everything here would be available to you and easy to access for your teaching.

One of the things that makes this a great resource is the great diversity of material. There are lesson plans, music, songs and stories, ways to better lead services, overviews of the holidays, and explanations of the prayers and concepts and how to teach them. There are several sessions on Hebrew and one on drumming — both as ways to prepare for the holidays. You will certainly find many things of interest to you as you move through these pages.

If you have a great program, curriculum, story, song, etc., to add to our collection, please do so, as we will constantly be adding to this group of holiday materials that are available on our website. In fact, NewCAJE has an ongoing collection of material for all holidays that we invite you to contribute to. We would love to hear that these High Holiday materials were helpful to you.

Updated: Aug. 31, 2016