18 Ways Israel is Changing the World – An Exhibition


Source: Israel21c


As a special Independence Day gift to our readers, ISRAEL21c has put together a unique online exhibition called 18 Ways Israel is Changing the World, which you can stage anywhere and at any time of the year. The gorgeous exhibition, which includes 18 full-color images, is easy to use. You can download, print and post it in any location, either displayed onsite or online. You may have the images enlarged on foam core board for display on easels or in display cases. Or simply present it online using a tablet or computer – it’s great for a continuous video loop.

If you want to show people just how much value Israel provides the world, then this is your ideal opportunity to put some of the country’s most groundbreaking achievements front and center.

From revolutionary wheels that allow wheelchairs to go down stairs, to an ice technology that freezes breast tumors, or even a pocket sensor that can identify the chemical makeup of your food, we have created a series of visually stunning posters that will intrigue viewers and spark their imaginations.

Each of the images includes both textual information about the innovation or development and QR links to further reading material that can help people gain a detailed picture of some of the most exciting advances in Israel today.

Updated: Aug. 31, 2016