Websites and Apps to Light Up Your Hanukkah!

November 24, 2015

Source: DJLN - DigitalJLearning Network


Whether you teach high school or kindergarten, you’ll find a Hanukkah resource here you can use! These websites and apps can be adapted to provide a variety of learning experiences for your students, including blended learning. For more information on how to integrate these resources into your Hanukkah curriculum, contact us! 

  • The Chanukah Story: Why Jews Celebrate Miracles (G-dcast) - This video clearly explains the basics of the Hanukkah story and is a great introduction to the holiday for younger students. Teachers could use it in a number of ways, including as inspiration for students to make their own videos explaining the Chanukah story.
  • What Are We Even Celebrating (AlephBeta) - In this four-video series, Rabbi Fohrman addresses the issue of Hanukkah being a “text-less” holiday, and asks the question, “What is the hidden Hanukkah text?” These are best used with late middle school and high school students.
  • Chanukah Resources ( - Here you’ll find a Chanukah lesson plan to get students engaged in digital storytelling on the iPad. There’s also an entire list of lesson ideas for using the songs and videos in the’s Chanukah Blendspace.
  • Chanukah Playlist (Shalom Sesame) - These videos can be used to teach students in Pre-K and K about the Temple, the menorah, and Hebrew for the holiday. Teachers may want to use the videos as part of rotation groups or as introductions to a lesson about Chanukah.
  • Chanukah Blessings ( - Using this multi-modal tool students will be able to study the text of the Chanukah blessings and listen to recordings. The recordings also include the singing of the beginning of Maoz Tzur. This resource would be great to support students who learn better through listening and may need that extra practice beyond just reading the Hebrew text of the blessings.

See the entire Chanukah source and link listing at the DigitalJLearning Network.

Updated: Dec. 14, 2016