USHMM Launches Primary Source Teaching Tool - Experiencing History: Jewish Perspectives on the Holocaust


Source: USHMM - The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum 


The Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has recently released a new digital tool, Experiencing History: Jewish Perspectives on the Holocaust, aimed to facilitate teaching.

Experiencing History is aimed at college-and university level instructors who teach Holocaust-related courses, broadly defined. It features online collections of carefully selected Jewish primary sources, from diaries, letters and newspaper articles to photography, moving image and sound. The sources are grouped into thematic collections that allow for easy classroom integration. Each source is introduced and annotated by a Holocaust scholar, in order to provide enough historical context for a productive in-class discussion or an assignment. While context and annotation provide important background, the tool is flexible enough to allow for a number of different educational, disciplinary, methodological and other approaches, so you can use it for courses at different levels and in different disciplines.

Both instructors and students can create individual accounts, save contextualized items to their personal dashboards, search items using a search interface or by tag, and more. In addition, instructors can create a class and save specific items for their students to view.

Today, the site comprises four collections: Holocaust Diaries, Post-Holocaust Testimony, Wartime Correspondence, and Artistic Responses to the Holocaust. By January, four additional collections of material will also be available--Displaced Persons in Postwar Europe, Jewish Community Documents, Wartime Jewish Press, and The Holocaust and the Moving Image--with additional material coming up on-line in 2017.

Updated: Dec. 14, 2016