A Sephardi Chanukah Resource Guide


Source: Sephardi Chanukah Resource Guide


Happy Chanukah! This is a resource guide for Jewish educators interested in enriching their classrooms with the beauty and depth of Sephardi and Mizrachi Culture. Here you will find texts, lesson plans, stories and recipes that can be used in formal and informal educational frameworks, from day schools to religious schools and everything in between. All educational materials include traditions, commentaries and customs of Sephardi and Mizrachi Jews for the Chanukah Holiday.

The term Mizrachi connotes Jews who have roots in Arab lands, from Morocco, and Algeria in the west to as far as India and Afghanistan in the east. Sephardi Jews are Jews whose ancestors originated in Spain and the Iberian Peninsula. When expelled from Spain in 1492, Sephardim fled but continued to keep their distinct religious customs. The term Mizrachi is controversial as it is a term that stressed the other-ness of these Jewish immigrants from Arab countries when they arrived in Israel before and after the inception of the state. Today there is a resurgence of Mizrachi identity in Israel and young people are realizing the importance, strength and contribution of their heritage to Israeli society and the Jewish world. Here in the United State, we must remember how diverse our culture, ethnicity and religion is. Please use this site to make your classroom tell the stories of all its students.

Updated: Dec. 18, 2016