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The Gilyonot Nechama website (in Hebrew) was launched in 2008 in order to preserve and make available the method of Torah study developed by Professor Nechama Leibowitz. The website contains all of the Torah worksheets published by Nechama over thirty years along with other learning resources to aid in their study.


Professor Nechama Leibowitz' Gilyonot were published and made available to subscribers by mail between 1941-1971. The worksheets contained questions requiring the student to delve deeply into the meaning of the words of the Torah and it's commentators, actively engaging the texts and their meaning. Nechama read the replies to the worksheet questions sent to her and returned them by mail with her handwritten comments.


In this website, all the worksheets are made available digitally along with the texts of the commentaries in a user-friendly format (The scanned texts of the original gilyonot are also included in pdf format). The gilyonot can be accessed by topic or year of publication. The homepage of the site presents a question from the weekly Torah reading taken from one of the worksheets along with a webforum for discussion of the question. Other active webforums for discussion of the gilyonot also are provided on the site.


Also available on the site are a biography of Professor Leibowitz, an annotated selection of articles about her teaching methods and personality as a master teacher and wonderful human being. Links to other related online learning resources in a number of languages are also included.

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Are there any plans for the translation of Nechama's works into English?
I posed this question on this date:August 4, 2008 Ruth Schapira (JCHS of Gratz College) wrote: Are there any plans for the translation of Nechama's works into English? And received an e-mail on FEBRUARY 2010 which would not have been bad, if I would have received an answer to my original there an ENGLISH translation of her works on line?
Dear Ruth, i am sorry that the Nechama Gilyonot site's author only got back to you now. However, I can point you to some online English Gilyonot sites: and These links are not to Nechama's complete collection of gilyonot as presented on the Hebrew site just to selelected gilyonot. I hope they will be of help to you.
The links you list below are all broken. Does anyone know where to get Nechama's Gilyonot in enlish?