The Lookstein Center Virtual Resource Center Mini-Sites


Source: The Lookstein Center Virtual Resource Center Mini Sites


the Lookstein Virtual Resource Center provides varied useful resources for day school educators and administrators. Among its offerings is a collection of “mini-sites” on key pedagogic and content-based topics as they relate to the environment of the Jewish Day School. These Jewish education websites include scholarly literature, instructional materials, online video lectures and links to relevant websites.


Topics covered include:

  • Heterogeneous Instruction - Approaches to dealing with heterogeneous student populations
  • Block Scheduling – A study of the use of block (modular) scheduling as opposed to traditional scheduling in the day school curriculum.
  • Multiple Intelligences - Introducing MI theory, and applying the theory to Judaic Studies education. It includes several Judaic Studies educational units based on MI theory.
  • Curriculum Integration – An examination of the integration of Jewish and general studies as well as additional inter- disciplinary integration in the day school curriculum.
  • Islands of Resiliency - This site addresses the role of schools in coping with the stress that result from emergency situations, including terrorist attacks. It was first developed after the terrorist attacks on the USA in September 2001.

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Updated: Jul. 09, 2008