The Jewish Way of Life CD-ROM and Website


Source: The Jewish Way of Life


The Jewish Way of Life CD-Rom is a unique and creative resource, designed to support and enrich teaching about Judaism. Recently produced by World ORT, The Board of Deputies of British Jews, and The Pears Foundation it is provided free of charge to all UK schools for use in Religious Education schemes.


The Jewish Way of Life CD-Rom, over two years in the making:

  • Fulfills the statutory requirements of local Agreed Syllabuses for Religious Education and matching the non-statutory National Framework for Religious Education; it also matches the requirements of some syllabuses for Judaism used by denominational schools
  • Is compatible with RE schemes of work and also relevant to cross-curricular themes
  • Provides ample and accurate information about Judaism that reflects the diversity of the Jewish community
  • Is suitable for interactive white boards and individual or networked computers and appropriate for whole-class, group and individual learning
  • Is capable of being directed by teachers or facilitated for independent investigation and offers varied activities to match preferred learning styles
  • Promotes pupils’ critical skills and their ICT capabilities
  • Is enjoyable and inviting so as to motivate pupils to extend their learning

The Jewish Way of Life CD-ROM features 3 key units: Who We Are, What We Do and What We Believe. The accompanying website contains an online teaching guide, designed to help manage the use of the Jewish Way of Life CD-Rom in planning by offering:

  • an introduction to each unit
  • specific material to extend the teachers' knowledge of the relevant topics and themes covered
  • practical teaching suggestions and ideas for lessons, with information about learning levels
  • a range of activities for pupils needing additional challenge
  • guidance on certain controversial and sensitive issues
  • cross curricular links
  • links to material to help extend knowledge of Judaism
Updated: Jul. 22, 2008