Israeli Startup Cnature Captures Spring Flowers in App

April 10, 2017

Source: Times of Israel


The Jewish holiday of Passover is a time when the fields are still damp with rain and dotted with a myriad of multicolored flowers. It is also a time when families pack huge picnic baskets and portable barbecues and go out on trips to bask in the warm, not yet hot, weather. That is why the Israeli startup Cnature, has developed a Facebook bot — FlowerzBot  — to help users identify the kind of flower they see in the field, in real time, by uploading a picture of it and getting back information on its name and qualities.

The app, available on both Android and Apple devices, is already available on Facebook in Hebrew and in June it will be launched in the US as well.

The founders of Cnature, Nadav Bocher, Alon Klain-Orbach and Tsuky Khaiat, originally created the app to identify animals. Now they have expanded its use to include flowers, and the app is effectively a real-time electronic field guide that connects users to a database of animals and plant species. The bot can define over 1,000 kinds of plants, said Khaiat in a statement.

Updated: Apr. 19, 2017