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HESBER develops educational resources that are designed for enhancing Torah study of all ages. With materials designed for middle schools, high schools, and adult learning, HESBER aims to create a completely integrated, homogeneous and comprehensive curricular series spanning from elementary/middle school all the way through high school. After producing three separate curricula for high schools (on the topics of Kashrut, Shabbat, and Tefilla), HESBER has begun to develop middle school curricula as well, paving the way for an integrated curriculum. HESBER's materials are marked by a unique style of instruction which allows Jewish law and values to be taught in an innovative new style, engaging the students and capturing their attention.

We would like to inform you of some of the new and exciting developments at HESBER (acronym for: Hebrew English Source Based Educational Resources), the new name for the English-language division of Merkaz HaHalacha.

We would like to invite you to take a look at our new HESBER website, which provides information on some of our materials, offers easy access to samples, and will soon see the launch of some of our new interactive webpages (the first of which will be the HESBER Tefilla Project's interactive page which will be launched by the end of the school year).

In order to expedite the ordering process and to provide further incentives to returning schools and to those that place their orders in a timely manner, we would like to encourage schools to place orders as soon as possible. All orders placed prior to April 30th will receive a 10% discount, and will be guaranteed to receive the books by the beginning of June, allowing ample time for teacher preparation during summer vacation.

We will also be offering discounted pricing on teacher training sessions, as more and more schools ordering these sessions have testified to the significant benefits these schools receive from such sessions. Additional discounts are also available for bulk orders of over 100 books or more, as well as for returning schools that have ordered materials in the past.

Samples of our 3 high school curricula (each including both student and teacher books) in the "From the Source; with Spirit" series can be found by the following links to our site.

Hilchot Kashrut Sample
Hilchot Shabbat Sample
Hilchot Tefilla Sample

See the HESBER website for more information and resources.

Updated: Apr. 26, 2017