Jewish Educators Network ISTE Meetup

June 26, 2017

Source: Jewish Educators Network 


Join a dynamic group of Jewish educators at the International Society for Education 2017 Conference in San Antonio, Texas on June 26, 2017 between 17:30 – 19:30 as they reflect on best practices, share personal experiences, and network together about how best to integrate technology into Jewish education. The topics discussed will be participant driven with the goal of helping to foster meaningful conversations and create future collaboration.

This year's Jed Network will include both opportunities for people to participate in fruitful discussions on topics they are passionate about and for selected participants to reflect and share to the group about their successes and challenges in the world of EdTech in Jewish education. We also plan to give away some pretty cool swag thanks to our sponsors at the Jewish Education Project.

Please fill out the form here to share ideas for this event.

Updated: Jun. 01, 2017