Education with NLI (National Library of Israel)


Source: National Library of Israel 


Education with NLI (National Library of Israel) is a core project of Gesher L'Europa, a joint initiative of the National Library of Israel and the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe. The National Library of Israel houses millions of cultural and traditional treasures that should be shared with educators and learners throughout the Jewish world.

In order to enable education systems throughout the Jewish world access to the library's vast collections, the education team has developed:

  • an online catalogue of primary sources that have been adapted to the needs of educators and learners;
  • a collection of teaching resources including lesson plans, worksheets, and online activities;
  • pedagogical methodology to help teachers include primary sources in their teaching and thus create inspiring and meaningful learning experiences;
  • training courses and events aimed at exposing the collections of the National Library and demonstrating our methodology

Among the new Resource Packs recently developed by the NLI are:

  • The Six Day War

    The Six Day War broke out on June 5, 1967 and is widely believed to be Israel’s greatest military victory. Discover the story of the short war and its long term impact on Israel through posters, maps and photographs.

    The Shoah

    The Shoah refers to the period from 1933-1945 when Adolf Hitler was chancellor in Germany and his Nazi party was in power. During this time the Jews in Europe suffered growing persecution which led, ultimately, to the murder of six million Jews and the eradication of thousands of Jewish communities across Europe. In this resource pack, you can use primary resources to learn more about the Shoah with the National Library of Israel. 


  • The Balfour Declaration

    In the Declaration, Lord Balfour expressed the British government’s support for the Zionist enterprise; the first example of official state support for the Zionist movement. Learn about the Balfour Declaration, the people involved, and the public reactions using a variety of primary sources, videos and activities.

  • Jewish Languages

    After being exiled and living in the Diaspora for two millennia, Jews became an integral part of the countries in which they lived. At the same time, they attempted to preserve their cultural heritage. As a result, a number of different dialects evolved which merged Jewish and local languages. Explore these resources, all written in a variety of Jewish languages.


    Israel is a miracle created by amazing people; pioneers who were heroes and people just living their everyday lives. These people turned Israel the homeland of the Jewish people after thousands of years of exile from the Land of Israel. Discover these pioneers with photographs, posters and other primary sources from the collections of the National Library.

Updated: Jul. 12, 2017