Sulam: The Center for Jewish Service Learning


Source: Sulam: The Center for Jewish Service Learning


SuLam: The Center for Jewish Service Learning is made up of different aspects. First and foremost it is the one resource for all of student service and service learning needs in the L.A. area. Through the SuLam website, its professional staff and library, students and teachers will have access to all the different places a teen could want to volunteer their time for community service. Additionally, relevant information regarding each service opportunity (hours, location, contact person and number, etc.) is provided to facilitate planning a volunteer program for individual students or groups.


Sulam also has an exhaustive resource library of books, articles, videos, lesson plans, and program ideas to further facilitate the Jewish service learning process. These resources cover both topics of Jewish learning and reflection that further the Jewish experience of community service and service learning education in general.

Additionally the resource library and professional consultation has a heavy emphasis on the reflection process that follows every act of service learning and is essential in allowing teens to make the connection between the service and the learning and build their own personal identities and passions. Sulam also provides educators with a curriculum and program bank, to assist in programming and leading meaningful Jewish service learning opportunities.


SuLam was created by- and remains a department of- the Bureau of Jewish Education of Greater Los Angeles. SuLam serves all the day schools, youth groups, religious schools, synagogues, bar or bat mitzvah projects and individual Jewish teens and their families throughout all of L.A. County.

Updated: Sep. 10, 2008