NEW - National Library of Israel Shabbat Resource Pack


Source: National Library of Israel


One of the main values of the Jewish people is the day of rest - Shabbat.Throughout the generations and around the world, we have kept and marked this special day in many different ways: religious traditions, family time, culture and resting from the busy week. The National Library of Israel’s latest Shabbat resource pack includes a door sign written by a Nobel Laureate, an election poster protesting the lack of public transport on Shabbat, and a picture of an 18th century German Jewish woman lighting the Shabbat candles, giving a glimpse of the different aspects of Shabbat.

The Shabbat Resource Pack includes a special student activity – A Shabbat Moment, in which students get a chance to peek into moments in Jewish homes on Shabbat (captured by artists), from 19th century Frankfurt to 20th century Warsaw. Students will analyze the artwork and use it as inspiration to write a scene dramatizing the moment. The artwork and writing pieces will then be collated into an e-book.

Updated: Sep. 06, 2017