International Summer Tanakh Experience at Herzog College

July 15-19, 2018

Source: Herzog College


Join educational leaders from around the world for a unique, inspiring experience in teaching and learning Tanakh at Herzog College’s annual Yemei Iyun B’Tanakh to be held on July 15-19, 2018. A variety of course offerings in multiple languages, including classes in pedagogic methodology and field study will enable you to take advantage of Herzog College’s rich experience of inspiring educators.

Herzog College’s famous Yemei Iyun B’Tanakh offers access to the creative lecturers who conceived and developed our unique approach to Bible study, including Rav Yaakov Medan, Rav Yoel Bin-Nun, Prof. Yoni Grossman, Rav Amnon Bazak, Rav Menachem Leibtag, Dr. Yael Ziegler, Rav Alex Israel, Rav Dr. Yehoshua Reiss, Head of the Tanakh Department, Rav Dr. Yehuda Brandes, President of Herzog College, and more.

In addition to lectures, panel discussions and classes in educational methodology, the Yemei Iyun also offer a day of study in the field - Tanakh in hand - led by some of the finest guides in Israel.

The program will also offer exposure to Herzog College’s innovative online Tanakh educational resources.

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Updated: Mar. 13, 2018