The Exodus: An Extraordinary Passage – Free Supplementary Text and Discussion Guide for your Seder

March 2018

Source: The Aleph Society 


Passover is a time for asking questions. Everyone knows “The Four Questions”, but there is always so much more to think about when it comes to making the holiday and the Exodus meaningful for our lives. What are the journeys that matter most to us, and what can we learn about ourselves through these experiences?

We wanted to share with you a very special resource developed by the Global Day for Passover. This year’s study theme is Extraordinary Passages: Texts and Travels, and since the most extraordinary is the passage out of Egypt, it seemed especially fitting to connect them in a text-learning guide for your seder.

This guide includes excerpts from diverse texts with Rabbi Steinsaltz’s commentary, some discussion questions, and ways to help you (and your community members) enrich your seder. Download this free resource. text-learning guide  You’re also welcome to share it with your friends, family and community – just forward them this email.

The Exodus is a journey to – and from – the past, and is still relevant today for so many reasons. The holiday of Passover celebrates the communal and the personal voyages we made in the past and will make today. We hope this text selection gives you a new way to discover, unfold and explore the Exodus.

Updated: Mar. 13, 2018