‘Ten Paths to God’ - A New 10-unit Curriculum

March 2018

Source: Office of Rabbi Sacks 


The Office of Rabbi Sacks will soon launch a new 10-unit curriculum called ‘Ten Paths to God’ based on the writings and teachings of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. This curriculum, which has been generously sponsored in honour of Chaim (Harry) and Anna Schimmel, has been developed as a free resource that can be adapted and used by anyone involved in formal or informal Jewish education – in middle or high schools, for youth movements, on campuses, or as part of outreach organisations, synagogues and community centres. Each unit will include an opening video and transcript, together with student and educator guides at entry and advanced levels for the following topics:

Unit 1 – The Way of Identity: On Being a Jew

Unit 2 – The Way of Prayer: Speaking to God

Unit 3 – The Way of Study: Listening to God

Unit 4 – The Way of Mitzvot: Responding to God

Unit 5 – The Way of Tzedakah: Love as Justice

Unit 6 – The Way of Chessed: Love as Compassion

Unit 7 – The Way of Faith: Love as Loyalty

Unit 8 – The Way of Israel: The Jewish Land

Unit 9 – The Way of Kiddush Hashem: The Jewish Task

Unit 10 – The Way of Responsibility: The Jewish Future

Get more information and updates on the project here.

Updated: Mar. 14, 2018