Sefaria Holiday Prep: Elul & Rosh Hashanah

August 14, 2018

Source: Sefaria 


Many of you will be spending the month of Elul preparing yourselves spiritually, practically, and intellectually for the upcoming new year. Sefaria is here to help with a variety of texts, sheets, and other resources for you to explore.

Seasonal Sheets

There are more than 150 source sheets about Rosh Hashanah in the Source Sheet Library and another 300 on Teshuvah! Here are a few choice sheets recommended by Sefaria’s Education Team.

Rosh Hashana

Blotting out Sin or Elevating Sin: The Rav on Repentance — by Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky
Humility Matters: The Rosh Hashana Haftarah — by Olivia Friedman
The Book of Life in a Digital Age — by Rabbi Laura Rappaport
The Shofar: Who do we blow for? — by Rabbi Brian Michaelson


Moving Forward, Looking Back: Reflections on Forgiveness —by Sara Wolkenfeld
Two Types of Repentance — by Rabbi Nelly Altenburger
Visions of Repentance in the Rosh Hashanah Liturgy — by Joshua Kulp with the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem

Popular Sources & Texts

Learn from some of the most popular High Holiday sources and passages in the Sefaria library by browsing the Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Teshuvah  tags in Topics.  

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Updated: Aug. 29, 2018