The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Launches Online Tefilah Education Database for Jewish Educators

August, 2018

Source: Pardes Institute 


The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies announces the launch of its Tefilah database for Jewish educators worldwide. The online database is a free resource under the umbrella of the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators. Through the Pardes Tefilah Education Initiative, day schools and other Jewish educational institutions will receive support and direction in the area of Tefilah (prayer).

The Pardes Tefilah Education Initiative is made possible by a two-year grant from The AVI CHAI Foundation and addresses three core areas: educator training, developing guidelines for administrators who want to make changes to their tefilah education program and lastly, providing schools with relevant, innovative and user-friendly tools and resources. The database aims to raise the bar in tefilah education by making quality resources available so educators can focus on creativity and purposefulness in their prayer sessions without having to ‘reinvent the wheel.’ It is fully searchable by grade, prayer, disposition, and type of resource, whether lesson plan, curricula, video or music.

“Our database fulfills a vital role of connecting educators with useful resources to enhance the Tefilah programming in their educational settings,” shared Reuven Margrett, Director of Digital Content for the Pardes Center for Jewish Educators and creator and manager of the database. “Whether an educator needs a trigger video related to gratitude, a lesson plan on the Shema, or a curriculum on prayer and emotional awareness, this database exposes some very fine resources that would otherwise remain hidden. It develops the breadth of tefilah education, creates a culture of sharing and helps make the process of tefilah planning more efficient.”

Updated: Sep. 03, 2018