Making Hebrew and Jewish Education a Game

August, 2018

Source: L’chaim Magazine


Jewish Interactive is a global, cutting edge, nonprofit organization that is bringing “EdTech” to the world of Jewish Education. With offices in London, Israel, Johannesburg, and now San Diego County, Ji (Jewish Interactive), has been educating families, synagogues, and schools with its leading apps, and educational content gamification platform called Ji Tap. The Ji Tap app is equipped with a free creation tool, where anyone can create games/interactive presentations/ebooks and add their knowledge creativity and expertise to the global Ji Tap platform. Jewish Education has never been so accessible and engaging!

Now that Ji is based in San Diego, the organization will be running workshops and events using the concepts of technology and gamification, Ji global, runs Hackathons, Intergenerational Events, Mommy and Me’s and JSTEM (Jewish STEM) programming, and Jewish Interactive San Diego is looking forward to organizing tailor-made events for its new home. Ji’s first local initiative is to have two schools participating in Ji’s national Interdisciplinary Game Design Project and Study funded by the Avi Chai Foundation. San Diego Jewish Academy and Soille Hebrew Day School are working with Ji to measure the impact of JSTEM Project Based Learning on Jewish Studies by creating interdisciplinary Ji Tap games. The two cohorts of teachers lead by Shira Schaffer and Shirley Primosher at San Diego Jewish Academy and Danielle Arya and Sarah Shumate at Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School have been training and familiarizing themselves with Ji Tap over the summer. As Ji Ambassadors for their schools, these formidable teachers will be introducing gamification and game creation to their students empowering them to create quality games to share with the world. The Ji Tap games made by SDJA and Soille will be ready to share in December, 2018.

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Updated: Aug. 30, 2018