Sixteen of the Best Greatest-hits Albums from Iconic Israeli Artists

January 17, 2019

Source:  ISRAEL21c Corporation


These compilations from the giants of Hebrew music, from all different musical genres, will give you a crash course in Israeli musical culture.

What’s left to do once you’re through the tunnel and out the other side of a wildly successful music career? Make a greatest-hits album, of course!

Or if you’re really lucky, you’ll be making midcareer best-hit CDs long before your retirement from music, like most of the Israeli artists on this list.

These are the best greatest hits compilations from the giants of Hebrew music, of all different musical genres. Let it be your crash course in Israeli musical culture as you get to fast forward through all the filler songs, and just listen to those iconic popular songs that all Israelis know.

  • Artists: Shlomo Artzi and Shalom Hanoch
  • Artist: Yehudit Ravitz
  • Band: Ethnix
  • Band: Mashina
  • Artist: Muki
  • Artist: David Broza
  • Artist: Arkadi Duchin
  • Artist: Arik Einstein
  • Artists: Shlomi Shabat and Yehuda Poliker
  • Band: Kaveret
  • Artist: Sarit Hadad
  • Artists: Moshe Peretz and Omer Adam
  • Band: Teapacks (Tipex)
  • Artist: Ariel Zilber
  • Artist: Rita
  • Artist: Eyal Golan
Updated: Feb. 14, 2019