Schusterman Center for Israel Studies Research Guide


Source: Schusterman Center for Israel Studies 


Welcome to the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies Research Guide which was designed it to help you explore the rich world of modern Israel Studies, from archives to artifacts, and everything in between. The guide includes recommended resources and tips for effective research. Whenever possible, we link to the English version of the resource. In many cases, these resources have more extensive content available in their Hebrew and/or Arabic versions. If you read those languages, we encourage you to use those interfaces.

While many of these resources are open to the public, some require a Brandeis login to obtain full access. For those items, indicated by a padlock icon, we encourage you to check with your local library or nearest university library.

Resources may represent a variety of academic and political opinions which do not necessarily reflect the views of the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies or Brandeis University.

Updated: Jul. 13, 2020


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