Chanuka 2020 Resources from The Lookstein Center

Dec. 22, 2020

Source: The Lookstein Center

The Lookstein Center has compiled a comprehensive list of resources for the upcoming holiday of Chanukah, including complete lesson plans, interactive presentations, printable activities, videos and online tools, classroom crafts and more!

Among the resources:

Chanukah Lesson Plans and Activities

Chanukah Padlet: How We Count – a collaborative bulletin board for students to learn about the order of candle lighting on Chanukah, by The Lookstein Center.

Chanukah Flipgrids – collaborative video discussions for students to share their Chanukah holiday experiences, by The Lookstein Center.

Chanukah Edpuzzle– an interactive video presentation about the meaning of Chanukah by The Lookstein Center.

Chanukah Mystery – an interactive presentation that explores the laws of lighting the chanukiah, by The Lookstein Center.

Chanukah Letter from Moscow – a lesson plan which explores the difficulty that Soviet Jews faced in expressing their religious beliefs, by The Lookstein Center’s Refusenik Project.

Chanukah Videos and Songs

Chanukah Texts and Articles

Classroom Chanukah Plays

Click here for the resources.


Updated: Dec. 07, 2020