Compendium of Complementary School Alternative Models/Programs

Winter, 2008/09

Source: JESNA's Center for Excellence in Education


A new publication by JESNA's Center for Excellence in Education is the first effort to gather systematic information about programs and models that extend beyond the "traditional" Complementary School model. The compendium focuses on 32 programs that exhibit substantial change in terms of time when the program meets, physical space, content or curriculum, teaching methodology, educator, auspices or sponsorship of the program, and the learners.


The Compendium contains listings in the following categories:
  • In-home learning programs
  • Family education
  • Camps
  • Tutoring
  • Parent run
  • Choose your own courses
  • Art-focused initiatives
  • Culturally based
  • Complementary education programs with online components
  • Orthodox/Outreach Hebrew Schools 

Each entry includes detailed information about the program (goals, methodology, curriculum, cost, assessment) and contact information for follow up.

Updated: Jan. 22, 2009