Compendium of Complementary School Change Initiatives

Summer, 2008

Source: JESNA's Center for Excellence in Education


Each year JESNA's Center for Excellence in Education publishes and posts on the JESNA website a compendium of Complementary School change initiatives that details the sponsorship, history, program goals, program description, evaluation information (when available), outcomes to date, annual budget and next steps.


The 2008 edition of the compendium lists 16 change initiatives:  

  • Central Synagogue Full-Time Teachers
  • CHAI: Learning for Jewish Life
  • Designated School Program
  • Experiment in Congregational Education
  • Explorations
  • Framework for Excellence in the Conservative Synagogue School
  • Kesher Cambridge & Newton
  • Leadership Institute for Congregational School Educators
  • The NESS Initiative
  • Project Curriculum Renewal
  • Project Etgar
  • Renaissance Educator Project
  • School Accreditation Process
  • Synagogue Leadership Initiative
  • The Curriculum Initiative
Updated: Jan. 22, 2009