The Humanities and Social Sciences Fund International Conference on Jewish Education: I00 Years of Religious Teacher Education

June 20-22, 2021

Source: Herzog College 


The Herzog College is pleased to invite you to participate in a conference celebrating 100 years of religious teacher education in Israel to be held on June 20-22, 2021. The conference will include leading scholars from Israel and around the world who specialize in the wide range of topics related to Jewish teacher education, joined by heads of colleges and educational institutions, representatives from Israel's Ministry of Education and more.

During the conference, there will be meetings between researchers and educators from Israel and around the world. The conference sessions will deal with areas of study and research that have a direct impact on the training and professional development process of Jewish and religious teachers in Israel and around the world, in diverse contexts: educational and pedagogical, Torah and values, organizational and managerial.

Topics addressed during the conference will include:

Religious teacher training from a multicultural and religious perspective

The future of teacher training in colleges of education Between religious,Jewish education and religious coercion

Fundamental issues in religious education (faith, prayer, secularization, education for religious values in a digital technological age, religious education study programs)

Research on religious education and the model religious educator The history of religious and Jewish teacher training Jewish education in the Diaspora

The national religious education stream vs. other educational streams

Management challenges in religious education Integration and segregation in religious education

The conference will contribute to promoting the educational discourse around current research and educational projects, in order to promote practical insights for teacher training in Israel and around the world, for the development of Jewish education and for dealing with issues of identity, multiculturalism, sectors, and pluralism.

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Updated: Jun. 14, 2021