The Jewish Online Lexicon (Hebrew)


Source: The Jewish Lexicon


CET has completed development of a unique online resource – The Jewish Lexicon, which contains over a thousand entries in Hebrew based on the cultural work of the Jewish People over 3000 years of history in their land and in the Diaspora. About 200 entries are expanded entries (about 1200 words) divided into secondary entries. Over 800 entries are concise (about 300 words). The information in the lexicon is presented in a friendly format, but is accurate and reliable containing references, explanatory notes and links to both external and internal resources.

The entries are organized in eleven topics such as:


  • Cultural works
  • Personalities
  • The life cycle
  • Jewish communities
  • Jewish languages
  • Symbols
  • Events

The entries are accompanied with original texts, poems and essays, digital sound and video clips and over 1200 images.


The information is easily retrievable in a number of different ways:

  • keyword search
  • alphabetical listing of entries
  • topical listing of entries
  • timeline listing – by historical periods and by months of the Jewish calendar
Updated: Feb. 11, 2009