MyKaddish – A Resource for Jewish Mourning


Source: My Kaddish


MyKaddish is a not-for-profit information website and resource provider offering support to Jewish adults during their ultimate time of need. Launched as a collaborative effort between two prominent Jewish organizations, the Afikim Foundation and Partners in Torah, MyKaddish is committed to helping Jews navigate the intricate process of mourning and acquire a deeper understanding of the numerous customs and laws associated with death and mourning.


The MyKaddish website contains study resources about grieving on the loss of a beloved one as practiced according to Jewish tradition. The text of the Kaddish prayer, recited by the mourner in the synagogue, is provided in transliterated format along with study materials from the very basics to deeper study of the meaning of life and death.


The site also provides resources to help the mourner practice Jewish mourning ceremonies, such as finding a synagogue, finding a personal kaddish tutor, creating a memorial page, or studying, volunteering or donating in memory of the deceased.

Updated: Feb. 11, 2009