Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust – Archival Sound Recordings


Source: Jewish Survivors


Marking the 2009 International Holocaust Memorial Day, the British Library has added a large collection of digital interviews of British Holocaust survivors to the Archival Sound Recordings website providing a new online tool for Holocaust research and education.


Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust documents the moving testimonies of Jewish immigrants to Britain, many of whom survived Nazi concentration camps. Over 440 hours of life story recordings explore 66 personal experiences of persecution across war-torn Europe and the


impact of the Holocaust, covering the following topics:

  • Anti-Semitism before the Second World War
  • Ghettos and concentration camps
  • Resistance and liberation
  • Searching for family in the aftermath
  • Building a new life in Britain
  • The legacy of the Holocaust

The interviews listings contain a streaming digital audio file, information about the interview, interview abstract and transcript. The site provides a basic search engine to help locate desired interviews.


The Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust resource supports primary and secondary education, supplementing the study materials and lesson plans provided by the British Library’s Learning team’s Voices of the Holocaust website.

Updated: Feb. 09, 2009