Voices of the Holocaust


Source: Voices of the Holocaust


This virtual exhibition published by the British Library is centered on recordings of Holocaust survivors' memories, made as part of the British Library's Sound Archives Oral History Program. Designed by the BL education team, it is a valuable resource for students at many different levels of education. The recordings cover the Jewish experience in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, dealing with deportations, the ghettos, resistance, concentration camps, death marches, and liberation.


This well organized site is divided into five major areas:
  • Teachers' Information
  • Reference
  • Testimony Library
  • Student Information Cards
  • Student Topics and Activities.

In addition to the personal testimonies of the Holocaust survivors, teachers will find enough material to build entire teaching units. The site includes digital recordings of the interviews, transcripts of the recordings, activity cards for students, background information, teaching suggestions, maps, a chronology, and a glossary.


From the site's Teacher's Pages:

"This web resource does not aim to teach the whole history of the Holocaust in chronological order. It is presumed that history teachers will already have covered the subject with students. Instead, the primary goal of the site is to use oral history in order to enable students to enhance their understanding of selected issues from the Holocaust relating to survivors' testimonies."

Updated: Feb. 09, 2009