An Ethical Start – A PreSchool Curriculum


Source: An Ethical Start


An Ethical Start is an ethics curriculum for preschool children, parents, and teachers developed by the Jewish Community Center Association based on the ancient Jewish text, Pirkei Avot. The program is developed through exploration of the text, “Ethics of Our Fathers”, environmental enhancements, multi-media exploration through music, books, Peer K doll and the emergent curriculum. It is presently implemented in 40 JCCA preschools nationwide.


The "An Ethical Start" curriculum translates Pirkei Avot, the Ethics of The Fathers and its maxims into direct practical advice for daily living. Just as Pirkei Avot, is the traditional guide to Jewish ethics, the lovable character Peer K. Explorer will be the children's guide into a world of Jewish learning that is authentic, engaging, and challenging.


Through the study of the Jewish text, Pirkei Avot, a community forms, and children, teachers, and parents begin to experience the wisdom an ancient text can offer for everyday life. The learning is supplemented by a CD of original songs based on the teachings, six beautifully illustrated children's books, and a Peer K. Explorer doll along with extensive teacher training and professional development and the resources of the "An Ethical Start" website.

Updated: Mar. 18, 2009