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Jul. 08, 2009

Source: Teachers for Israel


In order to compensate for a shortage of English teachers in Israeli schools, the Jewish Agency for Israel, in cooperation with Israel's Ministry of Education and Nefesh B'Nefesh has launched "Teachers for Israel," which is currently recruiting young adults in North America to become English teachers in Israel. Participants will receive housing and a stipend during the 14-month, fully subsidized training period, which includes Hebrew-language instruction and teacher training. All participants receive an Israeli teaching certificate upon completion and full teacher's salary when they begin working in the school system.


This program provides a supportive framework for new immigrants to acquire a profession and to help meet the growing demand for qualified English teachers in Israel.


Eligibility Requirements for the program

  • Singles or married couples between the ages of 20-35 from North America who hold a BA degree in any field or discipline and are eligible for Aliyah.
  • Interview with local Aliyah Shaliach and a Ministry of Education representative.

The Program

50 candidates will be selected for the "Teachers for Israel" Project.


The program includes:

  • Housing at the Jerusalem Beit Canada or Raanana Absorption Centers
  • Teacher Certificate training (for elementary and high school) at the David Yellin College in Jerusalem or the Lewinsky College in the greater Tel Aviv Area.
  • The learning track will consist of 3 semesters which include: Hebrew Ulpan, teacher training, and a paid internship.
  • The internship will take place in a small class setting (of approximately 15 students) accompanied by a tutorial teacher. Following the training period, candidates will receive a Teachers Certificate issued by the Ministry of Education.
  • The newly certified teachers will then be offered positions in schools according to local needs and within the official pay scale for new teachers.
  • The duration of the program is 14 months.
Updated: Mar. 22, 2009


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How can I apply?
Hi Rachel, I am not sure if this program is still running. I think you should check with the Jewish Agency directly and ask them, perhaps referring to this writeup so the will know which program you mean. Try emailing - makom@jafi.org All the best, Reuven
Shalom, I am already certified but am looking for in service training courses to improve my teaching. Do you have any suggestions?
Hi Kinneret, I suggest you visit the ETNI (English Teacher's Network Israel) website and their mail list to find out about additional training courses for English teachers. http://www.etni.org.il/index.html Also check out the website of the Ministry of Education English Inspectorate for information on courses. http://cms.education.gov.il/EducationCMS/Units/Mazkirut_Pedagogit/English/InServiceCourses/MinistryCourses/ All the best.
I checked with the Jewish Agency. This program no longer exists!