Postgraduate Students Workshop on Jewish Education - UCL

September 23, 2009

Source: Postgrad Workshop on Jewish Education

The Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies of the University College London (UCL) will host a Postgraduate Students Workshop on Jewish Education on September 23, 2009. Postgraduate students and researchers in the early stage of their career are welcome to participate and will be given the opportunity to present a short paper on their own research. Expenses for travel and, if necessary, accommodation in London will be covered. The workshop will focus on presenting research on the history of Hebrew education from the 1880s to the outset of World War I.


The workshop will present some case studies on biographical and historical sources of some of the most influential expressions of the Hebrew education. For example, it will cover the introduction of Hebrew as a “natural language” in Palestinian Hebrew settlements, the fierce objection to Hebrew as a national language in competing concepts, and the short-lived idea of the “Hebrew European”. The question of girl’s schooling in this period of reformation will be given particular attention.


The day’s workshop will begin with an introduction given by Prof. Menachem Brinker (Hebrew University) and by researchers of the UCL. The afternoon will be dedicated to the discussion of some key texts for Jewish education in the early twentieth century in Hebrew and English. The workshop will be concluded by a visit to the Jewish East End.

Updated: May. 11, 2009