Mid-Atlantic New Alternatives in Jewish Education (MANAJE) Conference

August 9-12, 2009

Source: MANAJE


In the wake of the canceling of the annual CAJE Conference and the ultimate closure of National CAJE, a group of veteran CAJE members maintained an online discourse on how to continue the CAJE tradition. It was decided to hold a mini-conference to continue to provide professional development and networking opportunities for Jewish educators and to jointly explore ways to encourage and enable the next generation of Jewish educators. The conference, organized by the Mid-Atlantic Regional CAJE, will be held on August 9-12, 2009 at the Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center in suburban Baltimore, MD.


Here’s a preview of who/what will be at the conference:

Nina Beth Cardin; EJ Cohen; Kenny Ellis; Cherie Koller Fox; Everett Fox; Yoshie Fruchter; Sam Glaser; Joel Grishaver; Yosef Liebowitz; Jakir Manela; Avram Reisner; Arthur Waskow;
And many more…

Educating B’nei Mitzvah and Families on Jewish Responses to Climate Crisis; Family Life Programming; Hekhsher Tzedek Initiative; Israel and Middle East Studies on Campus; Inclusive Teaching for Special Needs Students; Innovations in Hebrew Teaching; Interactive Teaching and Learning; Israel Education; Jewish Christian Study and Understanding; Jewish History in Education; KAYAM- Jewish Organic Farming; New Frontiers in Early Childhood Education; Jewish Museum of Maryland; Round-table Discussions on the Future of CAJE; Teaching Ethical Questions & Text to Teens; Tel Aviv Centennial Program; TEVA; Text Study and Active Jewish Environmentalism; Welcoming the Deaf; Yoga and Prayer; YJLC (Young Jewish Leadership Concepts) Network;

And much more...

Conference Partners:

Baltimore Hebrew University 

Center for Jewish Education (CJE), Baltimore 

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

Updated: May. 20, 2009