State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda


Source: State of Deception


This interactive online exhibition accompanies a physical exhibition currently being shown in the Kimmel-Rowan Gallery on the USHMM’s lower level. State of Deception reveals how shortly after World War I, the Nazi Party began to transform itself from an obscure, extremist right-wing group into the largest political party in democratic Germany. Hitler early on recognized how propaganda, combined with the use of terror, could help his extremist party gain mass support and votes.


The exhibition shows how the Nazis employed propaganda to acquire power and help pave the way for war while creating a climate of hatred, suspicion and, most importantly, indifference that facilitated the elimination from society of Jews and others deemed undesirable by the Nazi state.


The online exhibit contains a rich collection of artifacts, a Holocaust timeline, Nazi propaganda materials organized by theme, interactive polls for visitors as well as videos, lesson plans and links to additional relevant resources from around the web.

Updated: Jun. 22, 2009